DIKSUCHI-9003 Vehicle Tracking System

DIKSUCHI-9003 Vehicle Tracking System

  • Accurate location tracking
  • Spy tracking with hidden installation
  • Smart data acquisition - based on time, distance, angle, ignition and I/O events allow to have precise online tracker
  • Fuel level measurement ( supports analog and digital fuel sensor)
  • vehicle immobilization
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Supports the following Alerts
    • Ignition and engine ON/OFF
    • Over Speed
    • Harsh acceleration and Harsh breaking
    • Geo-fence violation
    • Main Power ON/OFF
    • Low Battery
    • Tamper
    • SOS
  • In-built GSM and GPS  antennas
  • Power Saving modes ( Sleep, Active, Normal)
  • battery voltage monitoring
  • Battery over charging protection
  • Three Status LED  indication of the operation
  • Over the air configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Capability to store 100K way points with the 10 seconds update frequency, in case of loss of communication link
  • Confirms to IP65


32 bit Microcontroller

RAM: 16 Kbytes     Program Flash: 128 Kbytes


Receiver type:    22 channels

Acquisition: -147 dBm

Navigation: -160 dBm

Tracking: -163 dBm

horizontal Position accuracy:     <2.5mCEP

Velocity accuracy:     <0.1m/s

Acceleration accuracy:     0.1m/s2


Quad-ban:     850/900/18001900

compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+:     class 4, class1

GPRS class 12:     Max. 85.6Kbps (uplink & downlink)

An embedded Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack


Hands-free operation (Echo suppression)

Digital inputs:

Number of inputs:     2

voltage range: 6v to 39V DC

Protection:     Optical isolation, voltage spikes/Surges, ESD

Digital outputs

Number of inputs:    2

Voltage range:    10V to 39V DC

Protection:     Short circuit, Reverse Voltage, ESD

Analog  Inputs:

Number of inputs:     2

voltage range:    0V to 50V DC

Protection:     voltage spikes/Surges, ESD

Storage Memory:

Capable of storing 100K way points


RS232/RS485 Serial (Optional)  |   CAN (Optional)   |   USB (Optional)
LED Status Indication:
Y R G Status                                     B: blink
B B B Power On (Blinking Continuously)
      X       B     OFF     GPRS Fail
X        OFF         B Server Connection Fail
X B B SMS Received
B X X Server Data Send
1 X X GPS Fixed
B B B SIM Detection Failed (Blinking sequentially High Speed)
B B B Too Low GSM Signal Strength (Blinking sequentially High Speed)



Lithium - Ion 3.7V 1000mAH
Power Supply:

Input 10V to 39V     No input polarity(Reserve Voltage Protection)

Cranking Protection     Output Short Ciorcuit Protection

Environmental stability:

Humidity     5% to 95% RH

Operating Temperature:     - 10°C to +85°C

Confirms to EMI/EMC Standards

Box Dimensions:

Length: 110mm   |   Width: 73mm   | Height: 36mm

Mechanical standards: 

Confirms to IP65