For remote data entry, wireless controls to display any desired information, data, message, news flash, natural hazard warning etc. conveniently by SMS/GPRS from a MOBILE PHONE, or a PC to any location throughout the whole World, wherever the GSM network is available. Displays controlled via GSM Modems connected to computer at Control room.



Technical Specifications


  • Low Power Consumption due to efficient design
  • Wide viewing angle to assist roadside legibility
  • Excellent readability even in difficult light conditions
  • Flicker free display
  • Standard Display Matrix:
    • 16 x 128 (NIVID-2865)
    • 32 x 128 (NIVID-4865)
    • Also available in customized sizes
  • Multi-lingual text ( English and two regional languages)
  • 2-lines ( Recommended) for Indian Regional Languages
  • Display format (as per customer requirement)
  • Amber is the typical monochrome LED colour, but other options are
  • available (e.g. RED, WHITE, GREEN, BLUE etc)
  • Capability to show customized graphics
  • Automatic brightness control as per ambient light conditions up to
  • 50 steps
  • Supports fixed, scrolling, flashing, alternative and combinations of
  • above display effects
  • Over The Air Firmware upgradation and configuration
  • Protected from Vandalism
  • Bus Shelter Application
    • Displays ETA/ETD, bus number, route number, via stops etc.
    • Up to 25 routes information
    • Constantly update destinations, arrivals and/or departures
    • Supports slogan/advertisement messages also

Technical Specification

LED Pitch 10 mm x 12.5 mm ( H x V)  
LED Type 5mm, High Intensity, Amber Color
Viewing Angle Horizontal 120° and vertical 60°
Brightness >1000 mcd
Visibility 1280mm x 200 mm (H x V) for two lines
Character Size English: 100mm, Regional Language: 200mm
No. of Display Lines 2 and 4
Visual Effects Fixed, Flashing, Alternative, Scrolling and combinations
Data Format Bitmap for Regional Language and Unicode for English
RS-232 Interface Baud Rate @ 9600 bps, for configuration and management
USB USB 2.0 Full Speed
GSM/ GPRS Interface Quad or Dual Band
GPRS Class 12: Max 85.6Kbps( uplink & downlink)
GPRS Multi-slot class 10/8 Antenna: External or In-built
Power Supply Available in DC and AC Power Supply
DC Power Supply: 10V to 39V DC
AC Power Supply: 90V to 250V AC, 50Hz
Cabinet 1350mm x 280 mm x 50 mm (L x H x D) NIVID-2865
1350mm x 520mm x 50mm ( L x H x D) NIVID-4865
Rugged construction with Aluminum/Steel and Powder Coated
Vibration proof (confirms to IP66)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity 5% RH to 98%RH




  • Bus Shelter Display
  • Advertisement/Message Display

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