Sumith Electronics partners with clients pro-actively and professionally to integrate the best high-tech total solutions through our knowledge and expertise. Sumith provides consultancy, design, engineering, implementation, maintenance services and maintenance management throughout the entire technology life cycle and business processes with customers.

Sumith Electronics operates in the markets: dynamic traffic management, intelligent transportation systems, traffic safety and enforcement, technical infrastructure, public and private display systems, and Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) water reading systems.

Sumith Electronics wants to be the most innovative partner in the Indian traffic and transportation market. We combines innovation with professional employees with drive and ambition. People who bring the added value of technology. People who are convinced that technology can change business processes and add value.

All products are designed at, manufactured in and supported from our modern factory based in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India which provides visiting clients with the opportunity to see a large number of displays being manufactured and  tested simultaneously.

Sumith has its research and development with separately to introduce innovative solutions depending on the market and customer requirements. Along with marketing current product line we also offer customized solutions as per customer requirement.

We continues to stay at the forefront in its field, driven by the desire to provide the very best solutions with a customer-focused, totally professional approach.